External & Internal Program Communications. Development of both internal and external communications messaging to employees, consumers, investors and shareholders, on ongoing diversity and inclusion efforts within the company.


External & Internal Program Communications

Leadership via Mindful Inclusion

At Inclusion in Leadership, we help organizations develop and manage carefully crafted company communications surrounding diversity and inclusion initiatives.

Our process begins at the very top, with direct, honest and open communications with company leadership teams, on the very sensitive topic of diversity and inclusion within their organizations.

We seek to understand where our client’s organization is with regards to their diversity and inclusion programs, and ultimately help them articulate where they want to go in this regard.


Mindful Communications Planning is Key

Given the sensitivity of such an important program as D&I, the organization must get its messaging and communication strategy plan ready ahead of time at the very outset of the initiative. The most important challenge with the entire exercise is dealing with the human factor.

All employees at the company are directly or indirectly involved and concerned about any diversity and inclusion program, make no mistake about this.

Without proper clear concise and accurate information on the program rumour mills, employee innuendo, fear of job loss, and more can easily derail a well-meaning diversity program initiative.


Our Proposed Approach

We initially speak with the leadership of the company, obtain their broad vision on DEI, and then work to incorporate that vision into the organization ensuring that a clear, inter-communication message is passed down through the ranks. We also work with HR and diversity and inclusion teams to help draft a series of specific, diversity and inclusion messages that are developed across four key groups within and around an organization.

They are:

  1. Leadership team
  2. Employees
  3. Shareholders and investors
  4. The General Public