Executive Leadership Coaching & Training – Leadership Through Mindful Inclusion: Guiding senior leaders and diversity teams with proven, effective, productive and proactive ways to lead the organization through diversity and inclusion programs at their company.


Program Objective:

Developing and equipping CEOs and Company leaders with the necessary negotiation and leadership skills and capabilities to successfully manage organizations based on the inclusivity and diversity principles.


The executive leadership coaching program is an intense and customized leadership development program designed to accomplish two things:

  • Prepare corporate leaders to be mentally prepared to tackle the multitude of both unforeseen and anticipated business issues, operational challenges, employee concerns and program initiatives that will crop up during their tenure.
  • Provide leaders with specific communication tools, designed to address Diversity and Inclusion initiatives at their workplace.

Program Approach

Leaders are paired with an international coach to work through a multiple of internal and external evaluation steps.  This total exercise takes between 6 to 9 months to complete.

 Program Output

  • Readiness for Coaching discussion: Engage with organization leaders and company stakeholders to discuss coaching approach and methodology, as well as, their responsibilities and deliverables during the process.