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A highly sought-after leadership and negotiation strategist, Elizabeth Suárez is committed to helping professionals and their organizations establish working environments where people are empowered to be skilled leaders and negotiators. After climbing the ranks of corporate America, she spent the last decade creating the impactful and interactive platform Negotiation Unleashed, a coaching, training and facilitation resource for professionals.

Elizabeth Suárez

Known as “The Growth Strategist” Simon helps organisations & leaders unlock, build & sustain cohesive organisational growth through his coaching, consulting & training work. He is a globally acclaimed professional leadership & personal development coach & mentor, a trained dispute resolution mediator & acclaimed trainer, experienced facilitator & lecturer.    

Simon Haigh

Wai Eng is an accomplished finance and operations executive, with over twenty years of hands-on experience covering the Technology, Media and Telecommunications sector.  He is a data-driven business strategist, with a dedication to generating innovative business plans, that transform and optimize operations, marketing, and financial functions.

Wai Eng

Nigel Sonariwo is an accomplished Business Development Strategist, PR Consultant and Marketing Executive. Throughout his professional career, Nigel has worked on a variety of corporate diversity and inclusion initiatives including, coordinating Multiethnic, Multicultural and Minority Development Program Initiatives as well as marketing department leadership stints with Jones Communications, AT&T Broadband, HSN, Comcast, Starz Entertainment and MoneyGram International.

Nigel Sonariwo